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Protocols and Templates

It is very important that all particpants abide by the standardized protocols. Please find below information regarding protocols for core sampling, fertilizer application, fence building, and templates for data collection. 


following protocol

Core Protocols

Experimental Protocol

Experimental Protocol en Español (Gracias a Enrique Chaneton!)


Fence Protocol

Nutrient Application

Soil Methods - General

Data sheet


Soil Protocols

Shipping pre-treatment soils


Active Add-on Studies


Symbiotic N-Fixation

Tea Bag Index Decomposition

Litter Bag Protocol [pdf]

Woody Removal Protocol

Plant-Pollinator Interactions Protocol

N mineralization protocol [pdf]

Soil Microbes & Animals Bait Strips Protocol

Leaf Damage Protocol

Wet N Deposition Protocol



Completed Add-on Projects

These projects are no longer actively collecting data but protocols are posted here for reference.

Functional Trait Analysis
Seed Mass

Seed Removal Update [pdf]

Resin Bags Protocol [pdf]

Arthropod Protocol

Post-treatment Soils Protocol [pdf]



Upcoming Add-on Projects

These projects have received funding and are scheduled for implementation but not yet underway.

Soil C-N coupling: NutNet experiment & MEND model [pdf]