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Wet N Deposition

* Update: see modifications to prevent bird perching below *

If you have signed up for the study you should have received a box of materials from Lori Biederman.  This box contains all materials needed for the deployment of the N collectors

1. Please place one collector in each block (anywhere within the block is fine)
2. you should not need to bring any extra tools with you to the field outside of the delivered box contents (3 pvc pipes, 3 funnel assemblies and zipties). Simply ziptie a collector to a pole within a block and then connect the funnel to the top of the pvc pipe: position it vertically with the funnel facing up and uncovered, and the other end (bottom) off the ground :)  I have attached the protocols which contain photos

3. After 1 year of deployment you will need to retrieve the collectors, place them in a plastic bag, and send to Stan. Don’t worry, we will send out reminders when the time gets close

4. There is still time to get collectors for your site if you intended to sign up but forgot. Here is the link: sign up sheet.


N deposition collector protocol [pdf]

Funnel modifications to prevent bird perching [pdf]

Bird Crown instructions [pdf]