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Tea Bag Index decomposition


NutNet Tea Bag Index (TBI) decomposition study

The aim of this project is to test the effects of nutrient addition on decomposition in global grasslands using tea bags.

Method: Bury tea bags in experimental plots in the field.

Detailed protocol


Example Data sheets


Data Entry and Calculations


How can I obtain the tea bags?

The tea bags can be ordered online from here and here They give 10% discount upon mentioning TBI10. If you could source them online or locally, that’d be ideal. However, it is definitely not easy to source them or buy those particular tea bags in certain countries, and so I need to know who needs them to be supplied so I can arrange things ahead of time. You’ll need a minimum of 5 boxes per tea type (10 boxes of 20 tea bags each in total, for an approximate total cost of $30) to bury four bags per plot per tea type.