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2012 Meeting Highlights

Thirty-five members (PIs, grad students and post-docs) from 18 institutions and representing over 25 sites attended the workshop, including the newly established sites in Toronto, Canada and Kibber, India.

The formal agenda was kept to a minimum but included:

  • E. Borer presented “The state of the Network” and the state of Nutrient Network science. [ppt below]
  • E. Lind summarized the state of the data including new datasets [pdf below]
  • A science "lightning round" where PIs leading manuscripts could quickly summarize their progress and most recent findings [ppt below]
  • The 2012 Nutrient Network Business Meeting [pdf] was held, covering topics from nitrogen fertilizer sources and measuring N deposition, to a new process for manuscript collaboration.

The focus of the workshop was on making progress on manuscripts.

  • At least 13 distinct manuscripts were advanced during the week. 
  • At least 8 manuscripts reached the circulating draft stage.