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NutNet Metadata


Data Submission:
Please follow the directions for submitting data:
1. Be sure your data are collected using the standardized protocol
2. All data should be entered into the provided (*xls) data sheet
3. Save data sheet with naming format:
NutNet_"yoursite"_ year.xls                    e.g. NutNet_burrawan_2008.xls 
4. Email data to the network coordinator. In your email please specify the UNITS of your biomass data 
(i.e. whether you have already multiplied x5 to get grams per meter squared) 

Data Use: 
If you have specific questions about data availability and use, please contact


Data Citation and Acknowledgments: 
Data citation:
"Data were made available through the Nutrient Network, a project funded by DEB-0741952 (E. Borer/E. Seabloom)"

When using NutNet data for papers or presentations, please include the following in the acknowledgment section:

All papers / presentations:
"This work was generated using data from the Nutrient Network 
collaborative experiment, funded at the site-scale by individual
researchers and coordinated through Research Coordination Network
funding from NSF to E. Borer and E. Seabloom (Grant #DEB-0741952)."

For nutrient experimental papers:
"Nitrogen fertilizer was donated to the Nutrient Network by Crop
Production Services, Loveland, CO."

Information on data use and paper writing as stated in the NutNet Guidelines for Participation:

3.2. Data use

3.2.1. Data will become available to network members once compiled by data managers at the University of Minnesota. Data will be made publically available on a 3-year moving window, although requests for access to newer data will generally be granted by the steering committee as long at there are no conflicts with ongoing papers or proposals.

3.2.2. Any participant is free to use NutNet data for publication purpose, following guidelines listed in Paper Writing section. Data should be recognized as follows:

"Data were made available through the Nutrient Network, a project funded by DEB-0741952 (E. Borer/E. Seabloom)"

3.2.3. Datause for presentations, courses and other non-published venues should cite the NutNetproject as above. 

3.3. Paper Writing

3.3.1. By contributing data to NutNet according to data submission protocols, you willautomatically be included as a co-author on the 3 core papers (observational,fences, nutrients) if you stay actively engaged (following deadlines and rules fordata submission, providing appropriate contributing concepts, etc...) and incommunication with the lead author. If you find that you cannot meet these requirements, we kindly ask that you opt-out of co-authorship. 

3.3.2. Authorship on further papers arising from NutNet data will be determined by lead author ona case-by-case basis. In general, we strongly favor being inclusive inauthorship for people who participate actively beyond simply collecting data(see 3.3.1).

3.3.3. If you wish to write a paper using NutNet site data, a working title and abstractshould be submitted to the NutNet website and posted on the NutNet listserv forgeneral review one month prior to manuscript preparation. Individuals or sites interested in participating in the proposed paper must contact the lead author directly. As previously stated, we strongly favor being inclusive in authorship.

3.3.4. If a manuscript is proposed and subsequently abandoned for > 6 months, other interested NutNet participants are encouraged to discuss with lead author about taking over the development of the manuscript.