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2010 NutNet Workshop

2010 Meeting Agenda

Elizabeth Borer gives the after-action report:

Meeting: we had 30 attendees (many shown above) at the August 2010 meeting – representing sites in 5 countries – who assisted with some network decision-making (2010-NutNet-business meeting-notes.pdf) and worked up ~14 abstracts for papers using NutNet data (2010 NutNet workshop abstracts.pdf).

Network as of 2010: >60 sites, 11 countries, 5 continents; 17 sites have installed fences (a few new fence sites coming on line)

Data:  About 95% of the 2007-2009 data has been submitted to date and is ready for analysis!

Important things we decided about authorship/papers at the 2010 meeting -- *Authorship on any paper (opt-in OR opt-out) requires a few things from you, including (1) explicitly informing the lead author that you want to be included as an author (even for opt-out papers), (2) filling out and returning the NutNet author contribution spreadsheet by the lead-author’s deadline and (3) entering your own information prior to the lead author’s planned submission date for online submission at each journal to which a manuscript will be submitted.  (Opt-in and opt-out papers have other criteria for authorship, laid out in the Network Groundrules.)

*Because most NutNet papers will have loooong author lines, EVERY NutNet paper will be submitted with a supplemental appendix detailing author contributions (this is why correct and timely submission of the contribution spreadsheet, #2 above, is critical).

* Every paper generated using NutNet data will need to include standard acknowledgments text (now available on the NutNet site here)


Noah Fierer has received a CAREER grant to use pyrosequencing to describe responses by soil microbes to fertilization.

The NutNet-Ecosystem proposal (Harpole, Hofmockle, Hobbie, Menge, Borer, Seabloom) was not funded – again – but we’ll try again in Jan 2011.