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Meeting Highlights

  • E. Borer presented “The state of the Network” and the state of Nutrient Network science. [pdf below]
  • E. Lind revealed the newly reorganized database structure and data model. [ppt below]
  • Yann Hautier presented techniques for analyzing NutNet data with mixed effects models. [ppt below]  
  • T. Michael Anderson presented techniques for using structural equation modeling for analyzing NutNet data (including a preliminary NutNet SEM). [ppt below]
  • The 2011 Nutrient Network Business Meeting [pdf] was held, covering topics from new proposals and opt-in manuscripts to questions of methodology in the ongoing experiment.
  • A Minnesota Feast of corn and fresh pesto pasta was held at Casa Seabloom and Borer, complete with a toast to the latest NutNet publication (Adler et al. Science in press...)

Most importantly, over a dozen NEW manuscript abstracts were generated at the meeting among many more ideas (login required)!