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Publication Submission Checklist

Before your manuscript is submitted:

____ Keywords include “Nutrient Network (NutNet)”

____ The acknowledgments section contains the standard text:

This work was generated using data from the Nutrient Network ( experiment, funded at the site-scale by individual researchers. Coordination and data management have been supported by funding to E. Borer and E. Seabloom from the National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network (NSF-DEB-1042132) and Long Term Ecological Research (NSF-DEB-1234162 and NSF-DEB-1831944 to Cedar Creek LTER) programs, and the Institute on the Environment (DG-0001-13). We also thank the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute for hosting project data and the Institute on the Environment for hosting Network meetings. Soil analyses were supported, in part, by USDA-ARS grant 58-3098-7-007 to ETB.

____ The supplementary material includes and Authorship Contribution Table (headers should be those in the rubric here:

____ Borer et al. 2014 is cited as standard methods, and your paper’s methods section is reasonably consistent with that.

After your manuscript is submitted:

____ Find your manuscript on the NutNet website ( and change the status to ‘Submitted.'

____ Notify the authorship committee chairs of the submission (Andrew MacDougall, Carly Stevens, Elizabeth Borer, Eric Seabloom, Lauren Sullivan, Pedro Tognetti

After your manuscript is accepted:

____ Notify the NutNet coordinator (Ingrid Slette

____ Notify the network (! (optional but encouraged)