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Publication Submission Checklist


Before your manuscript is submitted:

____ Keywords include “Nutrient Network (NutNet)”

____ The acknowledgments section contains the standard text:

____ Authorship contributions table has been included as supplementary material (headers should be those in the rubric here: Googledoc instructions for opening template here:

____ Cite Borer et al. as standard methods (currently submitted, will post citation once accepted).  Be sure your paper’s methods section is reasonably consistent with this.

After your manuscript is submitted:

          ____ Find your manuscript online at and change the status indicator to ‘Submitted.'

          ____ E-mail the authorship committee chairs (2013: Carly Stevens and Andrew MacDougall to notify them of the submission.

Once your manuscript has been accepted:

          ____ Notify the NutNet coordinator (Ashley Asmus Your paper abstract will be moved to the publications page, and a news item posted on The entire network would love to hear of your success as well, don’t be afraid to brag to nutnet [at]!