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2013 Travel Information

NutNet Workshop 2013: Travel Logistics & Payment/Reimbursement Information


MSP Airport to U of M

Metro Transit is the public transportation system of the Twin Cities. The Blue Line light rail runs from the MSP airport north into downtown Minneapolis (or south to the Mall of America if you are so inclined). Fare is $1.75 ($2.75 rush hour) and ticket must be purchased prior to boarding. Fare includes a transfer to any bus, good for 2½ hours.

From the MSP airport, take the Hiawatha Line north to the “Downtown East / Metrodome” station. From there, board a #3 or #16 or #50 bus east to the East Bank. Centennial Hall can then be reached on foot or via East Bank Circulator.

Taxi service is also available from MSP to East Bank for fares ranging $32-40.


Local Addresses & Transportation

The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities has multiple campuses, one in St. Paul and two in Minneapolis named by their position astride the Mississippi River. The “East Bank” campus [pdf map] is the main Minneapolis campus and includes the dorm for participants staying there. The St. Paul campus [pdf map] is home to the Institute on the Environment which is the site of the meeting.

Participants staying in the dorms will be staying at:

                        Centennial Hall

                        Minneapolis, MN 55455



The meeting will be held each day at IonE:

                        325 Learning & Environmental Sciences
                        1954 Buford Avenue
                        St. Paul, MN 55108



The “Campus Connector” (MN shuttle #121) runs every 15 minutes from 7am – 9:30pm and the trip between the East Bank and St. Paul campus is about 15-20 minutes.

There is also real-time tracking for the Connector!

The closest East Bank stop to the dorm is on University Avenue across from Williams Arena, approximately four blocks due north of Centennial Hall.


The shuttle stops in St. Paul at Buford & Gortner Avenues, across the street from IonE.


Reimbursement Information (for sponsored Participants)

Save your boarding passes for flight reimbursement. Please also retain all travel-related receipts for reimbursement if your flight costs are less than the sponsored amount ($400 domestic / $900 international).

Upon completion of travel (return home), send the following:
            - completed reimbursement form: reimbursement request.pdf
            - itinerary (e.g. email confirmation) from US-flagged air carrier
            - at least one boarding pass
            - proof of payment (e.g., copy of credit card statement)
            - receipts for other transportation costs (parking, shuttle, etc)
to:        Eric Lind
            Department of Ecology, Evolution, Behavior           
            100 Ecology Bldg
            1987 Upper Buford Circle
            St. Paul, MN 55108