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GNAT: Global NutNet Advisory Team

Principal Investigators (PIs) of participating sites provide leadership on various issues arising within the network in the form of small committees focused on particular issues. Together the members of these committees make up the GNAT, or advisory team, which operates by consensus to help provide direction for the network as a whole.

PI Institution / Site Role
Elizabeth Borer University of Minnesota / sites in OR, CA, MN NutNet HQ / Administration & funding
W. Stanley Harpole German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) / sites in IA, CA Network self-assessment and outreach
Kim Komatsu Smithsonian Environmental Research Center / Konza Prairie Evaluation of Add-on proposals
Andrew MacDougall University of Guelph / Cowichan Authorship
Eric Seabloom University of Minnesota/ sites in OR, CA, MN NutNet HQ / Administration & funding
Carly Stevens Lancaster University Authorship
Lauren Sullivan University of Missouri Authorship
Ingrid Slette University of Minnesota NutNet coordinator